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Elaine was born in 1975 and grew up in the Midlands. She studied art and design at Newcastle Under Lyme 1994 - 1995 (where she was awarded the Fine art prize for painting) and at Loughborough University -  Granada University/Spain 1995-1998. She now lives and paints in Bristol. Her work is collected throughout Europe and America.


Elaine's paintings embrace nature and through travel to remote, often uninhabited places she transports her viewer to wild and extreme climates. Organic shapes often provide a starting point to her work, the essence of which often focuses on the ethereal and the serene. Elaine often visits expanses that are devoid of humans, where expeditions to the glaciers of the Arctic and the rain and cloud forests of Costa Rica provide diverse contrast and subject matter.


Paintings evolve a little bit like nature itself, structures are formed and then repeatedly broken down, changed, obliterated and then rebuilt. Paintings metamorphosis from layers of paint poured, scratched, brushed, pushed and rubbed out across the surface of the painting. Each painting takes on many forms until it meets its final resting place, a harmonious balance of chaos and order, serenity and movement, contrast and unity, space and colour.

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